Services and Skills

Telling it like it is, without a single Venn diagram.

Agile Coaching and organisational development

Agile is both a way of thinking and a way of acting. To get both right, it's helpful to have someone on board who's job is to make sure agile principles are applied throughout the organisation. I am this person.

Wether it's through a formal function like a Scrum Master, or as part of a business unit, I work on making organisations more agile through culture, structure, communication, and the way they look at their products and services.

Scrum Mastering

I am a Scrum Alliance-Certified Scrum Master and practitioner. I have worked with teams from engineering and business organisations. From small startups to big coperations. When done right, Scrum can be applied to any part of a business.

Enabling remote work and distributed teams

Working remotely (being it due to Work From Home policies or due to teams that are distributed over various locations) poses unique challenges. It certainly doesn't make collaboration easier.

Enabling teams to work effectively in remote settings requires a bit of extra effort, but if done well, every team can work together well when distributed. Although co-location is nice for certain activities, it is not required.

Successful remote work needs a solid foundation in infrastructure and a common understanding between all team members on how they want to work together. It also needs support to make sure the everyday practice of the team reflects this understanding.

I help set up remote teams and support them throughout their initial phases by:

  • Making sure everybody understands the unique challenges remote work brings both personally and for the team, and how to spot and overcome them.
  • Working with the team on a basic setup of team work: How do we want to work together? How do we communicate? How do make decisions? How can we utilize sync and async, text-based and video tools to maximise their utility?
  • Facilitating remote working sessions, workshops, and meetings
  • Coaching team members

Supporting digital product teams with in-depth understanding of technology

I would not call myself an engineer, but I do have a background in Software Development. I also co-founded an alternative Internet Access Provider. I have a good understanding of modern-day (web) technology and can find my way around most dev stacks. Although this is not really a requirement, I find it extremely helpful when supporting product teams, either as a scrum master or through coaching, because it's easier to understand their challenges if you understand their work.

Coaching cross-functional teams with Experience Design

Having extensively worked in Experience Design, I am familiar with the design tools used to map out, shape, and implement Customer Experiences. I find this toolbox immensly useful to cross-functional teams with true end-to-end responsiblity. Working with such teams is an opportunity to introduce them to these tools or deepen their familiarity with them.

Facilitation of meetings, workshops and group events

In my opinion, there is not a single event that could not benefit from facilitation. Some events even can only happen when someone facilitates them. I design, structure, moderate, document and post-process events as part of my facilitation practice.

1-1 Coaching for Product Owners and Team Members

Teams and organisations are created and sustained by individuals. I help them be successful by coaching them on a one on one basis. I also support Product Owners in building and maintaining the best product backlog possible.

Digital Transformation

Some organisations are digital from the start. Others are not. Transforming yourself into a truly digital organisation means changing your culture, your structure, the ways you work, and they ways you think about yourself. I can help you do that.